“Lunch” time for Donna Kanter and the guys

Who knew jokes about proctologists and urologists could be so charming? It’s all in the delivery, and Halkanter writer-producer Donna Kanter’s docu short “Lunch” has the goods.

The pic documents a social phenomenon that has been taking place every other Wednesday for 40 years at the Valley Inn in Sherman Oaks. A small group of showbiz scribes, an actor, a comic and  sportscaster or two have been gathering there to break bread, swap stories and generally enjoy one another’s company, and the hospitality of their longtime waitress, Valerie.

The group includes Shelley Berman, Rocky Kalish, Gary Owens, Paul Pumpian, John Rappaport, Gil Stratton and Kanter’s dad, famed multihyphenate Hal Kanter. The 38-minute doc, which screens Friday night at the WGA Theater in BevHills, is a sweet tribute to these industry vets who still have plenty of good lines in them. (Hal and Donna Kanter pictured right)

The project grew out of a Directors Guild of America workshop that Donna Kanter attended with famed docu maker Chuck Workman. It was designed to be “a rewarding exercise…I didn’t expect it to be more than an etude,” she says.