Keyeast to produce ‘Drops’

Series based on Japanese comics

SEOUL – Keyeast Inc., the management company of Korean Wave superstar Bae Yong-joon, is to produce TV drama series “Drops of God”, based on a well-known series of Japanese comics.

The comics’ stories revolve around a duo solving a mystery plot with European wines as clues. The series has sparked intense interest and increased demand for top wines within Korea and China. Making its first foray into production, Keyeast acquired the rights from Manga publisher Kodansha.

According to local papers, Bae is currently “studying wine.” But Keyeast has not yet confirmed if he will play the leading role of Itse Tomine in the series.

Bae starred in hit TV series “Winter Sonata” and movie “April Snow,” both of which were made three or more years ago when much of Asia fell in love with all things culturally Korean. But the superstar who was capable of inspiring Beatlemania-like scenes at Japanese airports, has cleverly rationed himself and made very few shows. His latest was last year’s “Hotelier.”

The series is currently casting and will lense in early 2009. Korean broadcaster has not yet been nailed down, but Keyeast says it will handle int’l sales and merchandizing.