John McCain on “Saturday Night Live”: Ratings are good, but not Sarah Palin good


John McCain’s appearance delivered another big number for “Saturday Night Live.”

He wasn’t quite as much of a draw as Sarah Palin two weeks ago, but still big — a 9.0 household rating/20 share in Nielsen’s 56 overnight metered markets, compared to Palin’s 10.7/24. Palin’s seg aside, it’s “SNL’s” highest number since a holiday compilation seg aired in December 1997.

There was a surreal quality to the cold open with McCain as McCain and Tina Fey as his running mate. You gotta give him credit for trying, but he just looks tired, and like his running mate two weeks ago, desperate. The bit even pokes fun at the rampant rumors of division within the McCain-Palin camp, with Fey/Palin’s bid to sell “Palin in 2012” T-shirts on the sly.

Silly as it is, I got the biggest giggle out of the joke about “McCain Fine Gold.”

And although it’s been made clear in this space that I am a Keith Olbermann fan, I gotta admit that Ben Affleck, this week’s “SNL” host, gets him to an indignant T in this seg spoofing his trademark anti-Bush rants on MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.”