“How I Met Your Mother” — Meet the Showrunners


It’s going to be legend … wait for it … ary.

“How I Met Your Mother” creators-exec producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (pictured at right) have awesomely agreed to answer your questions right here, as part of Season Pass’s ongoing Q&A series.


We’re big fans of the witty, quirky and romantic comedy that has built a devoted following on CBS and introduced both the Barney Stinson lexicon and popstar Robin Sparkles to hipsters everywhere.

As “HIMYM” hits the middle stretch of its fourth season, fresh twists abound, including the collapse of Ted and New Jersey-ite Stella’s wedding plans and the apparent return of Robin into both Barney and Ted’s romantic sphere. The questions surrounding just who the titular “mother” will ultimately be are again percolating.

It’s clear that everyone involved with the show puts in a great effort to make every episode pop, and we’re looking for Season Pass devotees to do the same with their questions. In other words, let’s not ask about things you can find just by going to the show’s Television Without Pity recap or Wikipedia.

Here are the guidelines:
1) Click on the comment link below and leave your question by the end of Sunday, Oct. 26.

2) Check other people’s comments so you aren’t repeating a question that’s already been asked.

3) It’s OK to ask more than one question, but doing so won’t boost your chances of seeing questions answered. In the interest of fairness, we’ll give plenty of folks a chance to weigh in.

4) On Tuesday, we’ll choose the best questions to present to Carter and Craig, who will then answer at least 10 of them.

5) We’ll post the answers on Monday, Nov. 3, giving you all a chance to read the responses before watching that night’s episode.

6) Of course, if there are any changes to the posting schedule due to unforeseen circumstances or conflicts, we’ll keep you informed  right here.

Have fun and follow the guidelines and we won’t need an intervention.

— Brian Cochrane