GSN shuffles ‘Catch 21’

Network buys 40 episodes of gameshow

GSN has bought 40 half-hours of “Catch 21,” a new gameshow that mixes pop trivia with a variation on the 21 card game.

Created by the veteran gameshow meister Merrill Heatter(“Hollywood Squares”) and produced by Scott Sternberg, “Catch 21” kicks off July 21. It will run weeknights at 7:30, with a repeat of each episode later in the evening. Host is Alfonso Ribeiro, who co-starred in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

“Catch 21,” which already exists as an online game available on GSN.com, begins with three contestants who get fresh giant-sized playing cards every time they come up with the right answer. Contestants use the cards either to build a better hand for themselves or pass the cards to damage their rivals.

Sternberg has other gameshow credits on his resume, including “Rock & Roll Jeopardy,” “The Gong Show” and “That’s the Question.” He produces AMC’s weekly half-hour series “Shootout,” hosted by Variety editor-in-chief Peter Bart and Peter Guber, chairman of Mandalay Entertainment.