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‘Friday Night Lights’: Your questions answered

Update: Sorry everyone. Jason’s been slammed producing the last episode of the season. He hasn’t had time yet to respond to your questions. I hope to post them next week. Thanks for your patience.

Friday Night Lights showrunner Jason Katims has generously agreed to answer fan questions exclusively here on Season Pass. The person who asks the question Jason deems the best will win the Season 2 DVD set.

“FNL” returns to the air tonight only on DirecTV. In a Hail Mary pass from NBC to the satellite provider, our amazing show was saved to live another season. In a unique shared window setup, all 13 episodes will air on DirecTV’s channel 101 starting tonight and then begin airing in February on NBC. I’m thinking NBC should have plenty of open spots on its sked by then, based on their new shows I’ve seen so far.


I’ve seen “FNL’s” first episode and I can tell you it matches the quality we’ve all come to expect. The writers, directors and cast, especially the phenomenal Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler, are all still at the top of their games. The time lapse between the last episode of Season 2 and this first episode of Season 3 has been handled deftly. You will quickly be caught up with everyone’s lives.

Here’s how the Q&A works:

1) Leave a comment with your question between now and Friday, Oct. 10.
2) I will choose the 20 best questions and email them to Jason who will then answer at least 10 of them and hopefully more, depending upon his availability and the complexity of the questions.
3) Check back on this post for updates on when you can expect the answers — I’m shooting for Wednesday, Oct. 22. Again, it depends on Jason’s schedule.

Things to keep in mind:
1) Read through the comments to see what others have asked so we aren’t getting the same question over and over.
2) You may ask more than one question, but I am going to spread the wealth so I will probably only choose one question per person to submit to Jason.
3) Nothing is off limits, Jason said, but giving away future plot points is always an iffy proposition. Ask wisely. Remember this is your chance to delve into the creative process of one of the finest shows on television.

Fire away. And enjoy the show tonight (if you have DirecTV).


See the Marc Cherry/”Desperate Housewives” post here, which kicked off my Q&A series.

Future Q&As include “Ugly Betty” showrunner Silvio Horta (who has the questions in hand already); “Mad Men” showrunner Matthew Weiner, later this month; and “Lost” honchos Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse. Keep checking back with Season Pass for more. And I’m open to suggestions for shows you like to see included.

— Kathy Lyford