Fox stations have picked up “Fox Super Sunday,” a news-meets-sports hybrid special set to air the morning of Super Bowl Sunday.

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith will host the event, which will air alongside a one-hour edition of “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.” Smith will be based in Glendale, Ariz.; “Fox News Sunday” will air at 9 a.m. ET, followed by the two-hour program at 10 a.m.

“Fox Super Sunday” will focus on Super Tuesday, in which 22 states will hold their primary contests just two days after the Super Bowl.

The special will feature election coverage from Fox News anchors Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly in New York, as well as dispatches from the campaigns of all major Democratic and Republican candidates.

Program will also look at the social and economic impact of the Super Bowl, with Fox Business Network reporter Alexis Glick handling that coverage.

“Fox Super Sunday” has been cleared in 90% of the country, including all Fox-owned outlets.