Flemish TV gets additional funding

VAF given $4 million for indie productions

BRUSSELS — The Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) has been given an additional 2.85 million euros ($4 million) to support independent TV drama production in its region of Belgium next year.

Coin represents a significant addition to VAF’s $19 million budget for 2009, and the new funding level is expected to be maintained in future years.

To get the money, independent producers will have to show that one of Flanders’ public or private general-interest broadcasters is ready to match funds for their drama project. VAF will then assess the quality of projects and decide which to support.

“The main interest for the TV stations will be series,” said VAF topper Pierre Drouot. “For us, as long as it meets the definition of TV drama, it can be a miniseries of three episodes, or five or 10 or 12.”

Single dramas are not ruled out, however.

Drouot expects the program to be extended to documentaries and other formats where VAF may be able to contribute more coin than the sponsoring broadcaster. “But for TV drama it will be no more than one euro for one euro,” Drouot said.

Details of the program are being negotiated with the Flemish government. European regulators must then approve the aid as legitimate.