Emmys: “Lost” is rediscovered; Ben, you rascal, you

So glad I didn’t have to work up a sweat over another Lost Emmy snub this year. (It helped me save my Lost4ben_2 fire for the final snub of “The Wire,” which “On the Air” contributor and fellow “Wire” nut Stuart Levine called more than a week ago.)

Season four of “Lost” was one long thrill ride — a cerebral adventure that called for viewers to have masters degrees in physics, engineering, philosophy and literature. Hard to believe Henry Ian Cusick, aka Desmond, didn’t make the supporting drama actor cut, given that the seg submitted to the Acad was his tour de force in “The Constant.”

Now, there really would’ve been trouble in TV town if Michael Emerson had not made the list, for his labors as the nefarious Benjamin. He’s so good in the role that you can never quite decide if he’s evil incarnate or just a misunderstood Other. (My favorite bit of Emerson trivia is that the actress who played Ben’s mom in the season three flashback segs, Carrie Preston, is his wife.)

Also nice to see the Acad recognize that “Lost” is the best lensed show on TV with a cinematography nod, to John Bartley for “The Constant.” And another nod for Michael Giacchino for his most excellent scoring work. He wuz robbed earlier this year at the Oscars when he lost for “Ratatouille.” Here’s hoping he adds another Emmy to his collection in September.