Licensing group EM.Sport Media’s sports channel DSF achieved its best-ever results last year.

Operating profit at the net jumped 52% to E17.5 million ($25.6 million) while revenue dipped 1.7% to $155 million, following a record year in 2006, which saw sales soar thanks to the World Cup soccer finals.

EM.Sport attributed the improvement to better cost management, optimization of licensing management and a cut in production costs, all of which lowered costs across the board despite staff increases in sales and editorial.

DSF also improved its market share, achieving an average of 2% among its key 14-49 male demo.

EM.Sport CEO Werner Klatten is in Gotham for the three-day KidScreen Summit, which wraps today.

Klatten has taken managerial control of children’s programming subsid EM.Entertainment following the recent exit of former managing director Susanne Schosser.

He intends to sell the kidvid unit to focus on licensing, production and broadcast of sports, but the sorry state of the overall market means EM.Entertainment will likely remain part of the group for the foreseeable future.

“The divestment continues to be our objective,” Klatten said, stressing that “we’ll only accept a price that is financially appropriate and in the best interests of our shareholders.”

EM.Sport last month devalued EM.Entertainment from $132 million to $59 million to better reflect market conditions, according to Klatten, who said, “The global market for children’s and youth programs remains restrained.”

Despite the sale, EM.Entertainment continues with development and production, which includes a slew of new toons from Australia’s Flying Bark Prods. such as 3-D adventure series “Zigby,” “Master Raindrop” and “Zeke’s Pad.”