‘Eli Stone’: In the Shadow of ‘Lost,’ Another Show Emerges

Lost_131_jack_2Are people going to be so hyped up for the return of “Lost” tonight on ABC that they’ll not have it in them to watch tonight’s premiere of “Eli Stone”?

My experience has been that many “Lost” fans race to the Internet to chat about any new episode as soon as it’s over. I wouldn’t guess that pattern would change tonight (and to that end, Season Pass will have a “Lost” post up as soon as the show finishes airing on the West Coast, so be sure to head back over here). Eli_2_2

Of course, viewers watching “Lost” live might be lured by ABC promos to watch “Eli,” a whimsical-spiritual show about a lawyer with visions of dubious reliability. And there is that group that isn’t on the “Lost” bandwagon and will be just killing time until “Eli premieres. But I can’t help thinking that a host of viewers will, at best, record “Eli” for later viewing, however interested they may be in the new series.

So is “Eli” worth watching?  You can read the review from Brian Lowry of Variety here and see the positive vibe from the Season Pass crew here. For my part, it started out all too goofy, but got better as it went along, so I’m going to take a look at least the second episode before rendering a verdict.

But I have to mention that I previewed the pilot with my brother-in-law, who claims his tastes are so mainstream that anything he likes tends to be a hit — and he really liked it.  So even if it’s overshadowed by “Lost,” don’t be surprised if “Eli Stone” sticks around for a while.

— Jon Weisman