DGA Awards smile on “Mad Men,” “Pushing Daisies”

BarrysonnenfelddgaCongrats to the all the winners of this year’s DGA honors. On the small screen side, winners were all first-time DGA honorees with the exception of Larry Carpenter, victor in the daytime serial category for his work on ABC’s “One Life to Live,” who now has a matching set of the DGA’s shiny round medallions.

Barry Sonnenfeld won the TV series comedy heat for his work on the “Pie-lette” of ABC’s Pushing Daisies.” Alan Taylor prevailed on the drama side for the pilot of AMC’s oh-so-stylish Mad Men.” Yves Simoneau took the longform honor for HBO’s “Bury My Heart at Alantaylordga Wounded Knee.”

Bertram van Munster added to his trophy collection for his work on CBS’ “The Amazing Race” in the reality competish. Glenn P. Weiss’ navigation of CBS’ 60th annual Tony-cast brought him the musical/variety nod. And Paul Hoen looked sharp in the children’s programming field for his helming of the hit Disney Channel telepic “Jump In.”

(Pictured top left, Barry Sonnenfeld and Debra Messing; top right, Alan Taylor; below, Yves Simoneau. Pics by Steve Granitz/WireImage.com)