“Desperate Housewives”: Marc Cherry Q&A

MarccherryDesperate Housewives fans should hop on over to the Season Pass blog for a fun, video-enhanced Q&A with Marc Cherry, conducted by Season Pass maven Kathy Lyford from questions sent in by fans.

Cherry is candid and insightful in discussing his creative process and the characters that populate Wisteria Lane. To wit:

Eva and I sort of discovered the character together. At some point I started making Gabrielle selfish and mean and self-obsessed and materialistic and Eva kind of was scared at first. She thought people wouldn’t like her. But I discovered she had the same qualities that Rue McClanahan did in “Golden Girls,” which is the ability to do unlikable things and still have the audience love you. And once I was confident in her ability to pull that kind of character off, we really went for it. It’s all about coming up with ways for Gabrielle to do just horrible, horrible things and we’re having a lot of fun with it.