Craig Ferguson and Nancy Tellem, comedy duo?

CraigfergusonphoneMore proof that Craig Ferguson is very funny fellow. He can even liven up a tribute clip reel for an exec who’s receiving an honorary kudo — a very deserving exec, I should add in CBS Paramount Entertainment Television Group prexy Nancy Tellem.

(And this just in, yes, Ferguson, the pride of Glasgow, is now a U.S. citizen. He scored 100% on his citizenship test, the results of which were tubthumped on his Monday show, which technically airs on Tuesday. He’ll be sworn in on Friday.)

Tellem was one of four industry folks honored Monday night at NATPE’s Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards. “CSI” creator/executive producer Anthony Zuiker was on hand to present the award to Tellem (pictured below).

Zuiker said some kind and heartfelt words, then cued a clip reel that started out like any other, extolling the successes and achievements of a remarkable career.

Ferguson appeared in a clip talking about Tellem’s loyalty and integrity, and he added that she has “the best-smelling office in show business. There’s always that slight smell of vanilla…and success.”
Not such a surprising quip for a comedian.

A few more talking-head clips go by, including Tellem’s boss, Leslie Moonves, speaking highly of the execNancytellem  who has been his close confidant and consiglieri for more than 20 years. Then Ferguson’s back, only it’s a clip of his head imposed on stock footage of someone riding a Lambretta scooter in Rome. And then Tellem’s head pops up as if she’s riding behind him.

“We first met in 1978,” Ferguson’s voice over says wistfully. “We had some amaretto. I had a Lambretta.”