BBC to air Super Bowl live

Game to be shown on BBC 2

LONDON — For the first time ever, the BBC is to broadcast live TV coverage of Super Bowl, one of the world’s most popular sports events.

Super Bowl will be shown by BBC2, the pubcaster’s second most watched web, at 10.50 p.m. local time Feb. 3.

Jake Humphrey will introduce the BBC’s first Super Bowl live from University of Phoenix Stadium.

He will be joined by Mike Carlson and Rod Woodson, who said: “I am very excited and honored about the opportunity of working with the BBC. It will be a great experience to help spread the word of the NFL to a new audience.”

The U.K. pubcaster has signed an exclusive two-year deal with the NFL to broadcast Super Bowl live on its free to air services in Blighty.

BBC will be taking the World Feed pictures and commentary provided by the NFL.

Host broadcaster for this year’s Super Bowl is Fox.