Arabic TV downshifts for Ramadan

MTV Arabia to drop musicvideos during holiday

BAGHDAD — With Ramadan under way, Arabic television channels are reorganizing schedules in keeping with the solemnity of the Muslim holy fasting month, led by MTV Arabia, which will drop musicvideos.

The free-to-air Middle Eastern youth entertainment and lifestyle channel will, however, keep up its fare of reality shows, celebrity news and pop culture documentaries.

Channel manager Samr Al Mazouqi said MTV Arabia’s programming would reflect the solemnity of Ramadan, which started Sept. 1.

“The holy month is a time for introspection, and we would like to offer our viewers a break from the ordinary fare,” he said.

Dubai Media, meanwhile, has launched a special channel during Ramadan to broadcast live coverage of the annual Quran memorization event.

State-owned DMI, which runs Dubai TV, Sama Dubai, Dubai One and Dubai Sports Channel, said the contest, which started on the first day of Ramadan, includes memorizers from 85 Muslim countries competing in the 12th edition of the event.

Organizer Ibrahim Bumelha said contestants from Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Botswana and Zanzibar would for the first time be taking part in the Dubai Intl. Holy Quran Award.

Noted scholars will also give lectures tackling a wide range of Muslim issues.

“Upon their arrival in Dubai, memorizers will be subject to an initial test to gauge their memorization ability of the holy book and rules of recitation,” Bumelha said.