ABC DGA TV Directing Fellowship Program: Don’t miss the deadline

Now in its eighth year, the ABC DGA TV Directing Fellowship is among the industry’s most successful apprenticeship programs.

It’s a 36-week paid fellowship designed for minorities and women who already have a little bit of experience, and thus will make the most of a program that calls for participants to shadow directors on Disney-produced shows, have an a Disney or ABC exec mentor assigned to them and attend seminars and workshop presentations from industry heavyweights. Alumni of this program can’t say enough good things about it. (Click here for a previous On the Air item on last year’s fellows.)

Recent success stories include Seith Mann, class of ’05, who’s gone on to be a very busy helmer on such skeins as “Friday Night Lights,” “The Wire,” “Cold Case” and “Brothers and Sisters”; and Dennis Lee (class of ’06) who just wrote and directed the Julia Roberts starrer “Fireflies in the Garden,” set for release later this year.

Deadline for submissions for this year’s program is Feb. 29. Applications and details can be found at http://www.disneyabctalentdevelopment.com/.