Only the political cablers savor a presidential election as much as Lorne Michaels, and as the architect of “Saturday Night Live,” Michaels will be plenty busy this fall.

Beginning Oct. 9, “SNL” morphs into a second edition, “TNL” — official titled “Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursday.”

And in addition to the weekday show, the traditional sketch comedy staple will air a whopping seven live broadcasts on Saturdays from Sept. 13 to Nov. 1.

Michaels says the benefit of the two telecasts is that no matter when a story breaks, “SNL” will be on top of it in a timely manner, while still fresh in the news cycle.

“Sometimes stories happen on Monday or Tuesday that are completely done by the time Saturday comes,” he says. “If something happens early in the week, we can get it.”

So is he rooting for either John McCain or Barack Obama to win — comedically speaking, of course?

“Whoever is in power,” he says, “we’re pretty much suspicious of.”