It’s the J.J. Abrams Rule: If the “Alias” and “Lost” producer’s name comes attached, auds will follow.

That’s why, as of late summer, Abrams’ latest skein — Fox’s “Fringe” — boasted the highest “intent to view” numbers of any new show among TV auds.

“The genesis for this show, like the genesis for most things that I’ve worked on, is, ‘What is it you want to see?’ ” Abrams says.

These days, Abrams is a major feature director — he’s collaborating on “Star Trek” with fellow “Fringe” exec producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci — yet TV keeps roping him back.

“The draw to do TV is simply the opportunity to do it,” he says. “We would be crazy not to. It’s such an amazing medium. It’s such an interesting process.”

Abrams says he still feels “lucky” to be given the tools to create his own world in TV.

“It’s this organic ongoing thing, and when you have actors as good as we have and you’ve got a story that I’m really excited that we’re telling over a long term, and also episode to episode, to me it’s a thrill.”