Elizabeth Reaser has transitioned from a no name, literally, on “Grey’s Anatomy” to a woman who can’t stop reintroducing herself on CBS’ “The Ex List.”

While her recurring role on “Grey’s” gave Reaser plenty of recognition — she portrayed a Jane Doe in her first season on the show — it’s “Ex List” that’s set to establish her as a series lead. (As both shows are extremely femme-skewing, however, it’s only women who might notice her on the street.)

Skein establishes Reaser’s character — Bella Bloom — as a bubbly Californian who believes a psychic’s forecast that she has already met her future husband, and if she doesn’t reacquaint herself with him, she’ll never be wed.

Story comes from showrunner Diane Ruggiero, and Reaser says she felt aligned with Ruggiero’s lighthearted p.o.v.

“She just has a very specific voice, one that I somehow was able to find my way into,” Reaser says.

Will Reaser find as much success on “Ex List” as she did “Grey’s”? Who knows, but at least she has a name this time.