Campaign clipped by Letterman

Talk show host attacks McCain online, on air

Everybody in the blogosphere knew last week that David Letterman was mad at John McCain — even before “The Late Show” actually aired.

Nearly three hours before McCain’s Sept. 24 appearance was scheduled to air, Letterman’s web team quickly posted a clip on YouTube of Letterman railing at McCain for canceling.

Less than 24 hours later, the clip had been viewed 1.2 million times, generated 4,811 comments and attracted 379 video responses.

Letterman said McCain had bowed out, citing a need to fly back to Washington to deal with the economy. But the senator’s excuse didn’t seem to hold water.

The YouTube clip jumps to later in the show, as Letterman and an emergency guest — Keith Olbermann — watched a feed of the Arizona senator getting makeup to chat with Katie Couric.

“Doesn’t seem to be racing to the airport, does he?” Letterman quipped.