The guy who once “Punk’d” his celeb pals is all about feel-good reality TV these days.

Ashton Kutcher has become quite a smallscreen mogul in recent years with shows that generally boast plenty of heart.

ABC’s “Opportunity Knocks,” which surprises families by dumping a gameshow on their doorstep, satisfies that goal — and could easily become one of the year’s sleeper hits.

“We always try to instill some universal compassion into the shows that we do,” Kutcher says. “We pushed the edge with ‘Punk’d,’ and really kind of went for all the bang. In this show and ‘Beauty and the Geek,’ I think that the heart of the show to us is just as important. You can make entertainment without being destructive, and that’s what this show is about.”

This season, Kutcher and his Katalyst shingle are also behind an untitled CW skein focusing on pageants — and co-produced by Tyra Banks.

“I just enjoy the process of making TV and film and just any kind of medium,” Kutcher says. “The more platforms that you can do that on, the more impact that you can have, and it’s led me into producing. I haven’t sought it out. It’s followed me.”