America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 10 – Final Four

If the title had been "America's Next Big Trash Talker," Dominque would have won long ago.

Ken Howard

If the title had been “America’s Next Big Trash Talker,” Dominque would have won long ago. Alas, it’s “America’s Next Top Model,” so Dom has taken her leave. Not a moment too soon for me.

It seems like if you have a face that looks good from only a couple very specific angles and from all other angles makes you look like a tranny, maybe this isn’t the competition for you. She should be proud of herself she made it as far as she did. And I’m pretty sure she is proud of herself. That’s what she did best.

This really might be the weakest top three in the history of the show. You have Fatima, who was blessed with a perfect face but has yet to learn how to pose; Anya, who is lovely and looks like a model but who has trouble forming a sentence; and Whitney who will never get over the phony, overacting business. Wait, that last thing may not be a problem. It seems to work for Miss Tyra.

I guess the producers are running out of money for challenge guests as the season winds down because the reward challenge involved the final four taking pictures of Paulina and the elimination challenge used everyone’s favorite “noted fashion photographer, Nigel Barker.”

The reward challenge was kind of a snooze as it served only to showcase how hot Paulina still is. How hard would it be, really, to get a great shot of her? I’m pretty sure my niece could do that with her Hello Kitty camera. Anya and Dom are lost as photographers. Whitney did a great job but was outshined by Fatima, who wins 50 extra frames for the photo shoot with Nigel. Fifty extra frames that she will waste.

The photo shoot, which involved posing with a male model and pretending to be a star running from the paparazzi, seemed to really throw all four girls for a loop. Maybe they were just nervous posing for the smoking hot Nigel. Understandable. Anya got her best shot only because she tripped on a step. Whitney’s photo was stunning but looked, guess what?, posey. And Fatima is only still with us because Dominique sucked more.

And that’s what we get going into next week’s finale. What a snooze of a season. If I had to guess what’s going to happen, I’d say Anya barely squeaks by in the Cover Girl ad, reaching the final runway walk. There she’ll face Whitney, because they seem determined to have a plus size girl in the finale this year. Also, Fatima is bound to do something dumb. Then Anya will crush Whitney in the final runway show, emerging as the winner. And Whitney will go home where she will never again be called “plus size” at a size 8.

See, I’ve saved myself and all of you from having to watch next week. You can thank me later.

America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 10 – Final Four

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