Golden Globes: Kinda anticlimactic, but winners nonetheless

GlobeshammAlthough it seemed so anticlimatic, there were a bunch of TV honors handed out at the Golden Globe Awards.

The Globes’ TV picks have always had the handicap of coming so many months before the September Emmycast that it’s hard for them to have an immediate impact on the Emmy race, as the Globes do on the feature side with the Oscars. On the other hand, networks and cablers are only too quick to tubthump their “Golden Globe award-winning” properties these days, so winning a Globe does have meaning for the smallscreen in the context of the cottage industry that is awards season.

To wit, the big Globe TV winner this year is AMC’s “Mad Men,” the period drama shepherded by “Sopranos” scribe Matthew Weiner. “Mad Men” won for best drama series and for lead actor for star Jon Hamm. It’s all deserved, which makes it all the more disappointing that Weiner and Hamm were denied the national platform of gushing about all those without whom “Mad Men” would have been impossible. Oh well, show’s already picked up for a second season — assuming the writers strike ends before the next president of the United States is inaugurated.