TOKYO — South Korea’s Science TV net is to create a BBC Knowledge programming block following a deal with BBC Worldwide Channels.

Set to launch next week, the two hour block will play every week day night with Korean sub-titles, and repeat the following morning.

Shows to be screened under the deal include motoring-lifestyle program “Top Gear,” medical science series “How to Build a Human Body,” natural science skein “Earthshocks,” and documentary dramas including “Krakatoa –The Last Days.”

Science was founded in 2007 with support and funding from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and YTN Media. Last month the ministry decreed that it become a ‘must-carry’ channel for all pay-TV platforms and agreed to provide it with additional funding.

“This mandate is in line with the launch of BBC Knowledge’s block on our channel, and is a testament to our and the Ministry’s commitment to deliver the best factual entertainment in the world,” Hwang Sung-Soo, YTN’s MD said.