Sundance’s slippery slope

Filmmakers walk line between art, commerce

Amid the film-school-at-spring-break socializing, the lost condo keys and the swag fatigue, there’s always this thought at Sundance: Somewhere there’s a movie festival going on.

At Monday’s Variety 10 Directors to Watch party, fest director Geoff Gilmore said, “The line we walk is between art, culture and business. The standard is not how we work as a marketplace but how we present a festival that’s rich and enjoyable.”

Gilmore offered this comment while waiting for his car at the Stein Eriksen Lodge and taking a call from fest founder Robert Redford, which is the Sundance equivalent of being near Moses when the burning bush ignites.

Inside the Stein, the 400-strong crowd included Jodie Foster, Andie MacDowell, Colin Firth, Danny Glover, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson. USC School of Cinematic Arts topper Elizabeth Daley said Sundance is key for the film industry because “this is where both sides of the family, art and commerce, get together. They might not always play nice, but they both need and want to be here.”