HOLLYWOOD — It’s a testament to Leonard Goldberg’s track record as an innovator in television that Thursday’s tribute to his career, at the Paley Center for Media, was much more a lively discussion of where the business is going than it was a nostalgic look at its past.

The high-wattage exec turnout was impressive, too, for the panelists whose careers fortuitously crossed paths with Goldberg — Michael Eisner; multihyphenate Ed Zwick and scribe Bill Blinn — and in the aud that included such biz heavyweights as Sumner Redstone, Leslie Moonves, Harry Sloan, Arnold Kopelson, Jerry Weintraub and Jonathan Dolgen.

Variety editor-in-chief Peter Bart kept the conversation lively as moderator. He noted at the outset that the event faced stiff competish from the live bout between veep contenders Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, but Bart probably spoke for many in the room in quipping that he preferred to “wait for the Tina Fey version.”