‘Gossip’ on girls’ fashion

Boutique soiree brings out stars

The X’s and O’s were flying around Henri Bendel on Sunday night in celebration of “Gossip Girl’s” second season.

Boutique soiree brought out co-stars Leighton Meester, Kelly Rutherford, Taylor Momsen and Matthew Settle and celebrated the new storefront window designed by “Gossip” costume designer Eric Daman.

At the bash, Daman marveled at the way the series has set trends. “It’s become art imitating life imitating art,” he said, adding that even local private school girls are mimicking the fashions inspired by the characters on the show.

As to whether the male leads –whose sartorial choices have also been praised — were at all disappointed about not having their own window, Daman scoffed: “They’re dudes. They don’t care.”