AARP presents Movies for Grownups

Julie Andrews, Rob Reiner, Hal Holbrook attend

HOLLYWOOD Proudly more Miss Daisy than Miley Cyrus, AARP presented its Movies for Grownups awards at the Hotel Bel-Air on Feb. 4.

“This award is at its heart subversive,” said AARP mag entertainment editor Bill Newcott. “We’re working against the thrust of pop culture, which is so youth oriented.”

Evening kicked off in the Bel-Air’s lush garden with a senior-citizen discount crowd that included Angela Lansbury, Hal Holbrook, Norman Jewison, Julie Andrews, Martin Landau and Michael Moore, who noted: “If there’s one thing AARP cares about, it’s health care. You get why I’m here.”

The crowd’s general mood toward being AARP-ed was expressed by 80ish Roger Corman, who said: “A number of years ago I was referred to as a young filmmaker. Now I’m called a veteran filmmaker. I don’t know what happened; I’m still the same guy.”