Director Florestano Vancini dies

'Long Night' won Venice prize

MILAN — Italian helmer Florestano Vancini died aged 82 in Rome on Sept. 17, it was announced Monday.

Vancini, who was born Aug. 24, 1926 in Ferrara, directed more than 20 pics since his 1960 debut “La Lunga Notte del ’43” (The Long Night of ’43), which won the newcomer award at the Venice film fest.

Other important works include “Il Delitto Matteoti,” (The Assassination of Matteotti), released in 1973, and “Liberty” in 1972.

As well as being a prolific helmer for the big screen, Vancini wrote and directed several pics and skeins for TV, including the 1993 crime drama, “Piazza di Spagna.”

He directed his final film for cinema, “E ridendo l’ucisse,” in 2005.