TOKYO – William Morris Agency is repping three variety show formats from the TV Asahi network in the US and UK markets, the company has announced.

William Morris sealed a deal last month to rep “Ai no Apron” (Love’s Apron), a TV Asahi show in which celebs compete in cooking contests, “Geinojin Setsuyaku Battle Ikkagetsu Ichimanen” (Celebrity Economic Battle — One Month, Ten Thousand Yen,” a variety show segment in which celebs try to live on ten thousand yen ($93.45) for one month, and “Kakuzuke Shiau Onnatachi” (Women Rate Each Other), a variety show segment in which female contestants rate each other on various topics, with added input from celeb guests.

William Morris is selling the last format in the US market, the first two in the US and UK markets.

“(These three formats) were selected (by WMA) because they offer fresh content that has never before seen in the US, while bringing out the personalities of the contestants,” TV Asahi said in a statement.