Janice Hadlow to head BBC2

Exec won Edinburgh award with BBC4

LONDON — The BBC has tapped one of its rising stars to be head of terrestrial web BBC2.

Janice Hadlow, who came to the fore nurturing arts and history programs, is to take over as controller next month, when she will become the second woman to provide creative leadership of the channel.

Hadlow, who made a big success of her present job running upscale web BBC4, was always the favorite to succeed incumbent Roly Keating, who announced in the summer that he is to become director of BBC archive content.

“Janice is an outstanding original thinker who has led BBC4 from strength to strength,” said Jana Bennett, director of BBC Vision.

“She has demonstrated a passion for intelligent television across the different genres, with an eye for making an impact, whether that is in serious factual programming, mould breaking comedy or authored drama.”

Hadlow said: “There could be no better job in the broadcasting world than that of controller of BBC2.

“For me, there’s no channel that’s more exciting, more original, more enticing and above all, more important.

“Growing up, it was BBC2 that helped shape my vision of the world, with its distinctive mix of intelligence, authority and wit.”

BBC2, aimed at an older, more up-scale crowd than the corp.’s flagship web, BBC1, is the home of such fare as motoring skein “Top Gear,” U.S. import “The Tudors” and edgy comedy like Steve Coogan’s “Saxondale.”

Its last but one controller was Jane Root, who controversially commissioned quizzer “The Weakest Link” for the web and subsequently went on to run Discovery Channel in the U.S.

Hadlow’s past includes a stint producing arts skein “The Late Show” for BBC2 and running Channel 4’s specialist factual division.

She was in charge of BBC4 when it won the best non-terrestrial channel of the year award at the 2008 Edinburgh Intl. Television Festival.