German auds will be delivered a slice of life with the launch of “Abenteuer Alltag — Imbiss Live” (Takeout Live), a reality skein set at a fast-food outlet.

The program will deliver live coverage, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from Curry 54 in Magdeburg. Show kicks off on the website of commercial channel Kabel Eins, with a side order of 10 30-minute programs screening in early primetime on the TV channel beginning Sept. 29.

Curry 54, run by Olaf Bernhardt and his mother, Annemarie Bernhardt, specializes in currywurst — sliced pork sausage served in curry sauce. The Bernhardts’ business was the winner of Kabel Eins’ Super Takeout Trophy this year.

The program is produced by Earth Television Network, a division of Munich-based Telcast Media Group. Earth Television Network has built a control center for the program at its Munich HQ, which will receive live sound and vision feeds from eight remote-controlled HD cameras at Curry 54.