THE DEALMAKER: Alcon Entertainment chief operating officer Scott Parish is fully aware of where the company’s $550 million in financing came from, and he knows exactly where it’s going as well.

Alcon, which is based at Warner Bros., will be making 15 films with an average budget of $35 million to $40 million. And while Alcon will be footing the bill for production, what’s just as important to Parish is that the company will be handling marketing and distribution as well.

“We want to manage our assets from beginning to end,” says Parish. “It’s all about how you spend your marketing money. We want to make sure we’re in control of marketing spending and want the best chance to recoup our investment.”

Getting his start in the trucking business — where there’s much less room for negotiation than in showbiz — Parish developed a sense of what kind of power player he would become.

“I’m very much ‘what you see is what you get,'” he explains. “I’m straightforward with people, and that would describe my negotiating style. I know what I need in a deal, and I make sure I understand the parameters of the deal before I begin to negotiate.”

KEY DEALS: Helped Alcon Entertainment obtain $550 million in financing.

DEALMAKER DOS: “Treat people respectfully. We’re all adults, and I firmly believe you can be amicable during the process.”

DEALMAKER DON’TS: “You don’t go into a deal without having a plan. There are so many different ways a deal can go, and you can’t anticipate the direction a deal will evolve.”

TOP DEALMAKERS ENCOUNTERED: “The folks and Grosvenor Park, especially Dan Taylor. He knows what his business plan is. It’s a good relationship.”