Judy Savage prides herself in cultivating a well-adjusted brood. Variety catches up with half a dozen of her alums.


Matthew Cooper, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”

Now: Playing leading roles in such films as “End of the Spear” and Sundance selection “Save Me,” plus regular appearances on TV and stage.

Then: “I was one of Judy’s first clients. Judy was and still is like a second mom to me. She really helped when I was deciding to come out of the closet by taking me out to lunch and telling me, ‘Whatever you are dealing with, it’s OK,’ and, ‘No matter what, you are a perfect person.’ ”


Rebecca Thacher, “Life Goes On”

Now: She still does some acting, appearing in “ER” and the “Mystery Woman” series, but says she now

focuses her abilities on writing,

directing and raising her daughter.

Then: “The thing I love so much about Judy is her enthusiasm and this infectious energy she gives off. I am still her friend today, even though she is no longer my agent.”


Kimberly Gibbler, “Full House”

Now: Stopped acting after “Full House” and dedicates much of her

energy toward being a mom and wife.

Then: “She knew how to put the client first. I can remember when I told her I was going to take a break from acting, she became so supportive. She is much more than my agent; she was more like a close aunt.”


Alex Mack, “The Secret World of Alex Mack”

Now: Took a break from acting to pursue an education at Sarah Lawrence College before returning to the screen.

Then: “The funny thing is, Judy didn’t sign me at first. She told me I had no eye contact and to lose the chipmunk voice and come back when those problems were solved. So I lowered my voice a little, worked on eye contact, went back in, got signed, and I am still her client today.”


Dean Portman, “The Mighty Ducks” sequels

Now: Moved on to theater work in New York. Did “Marko the Prince” at the Immigrants’ Theater in June.

Then: Says the best advice Judy ever gave him was, “An audition is like a bus at a bus stop. Sometimes you miss it, but another will come along soon enough.”


Winnie Cooper, “The Wonder Years”

Now: Did a seasonlong stint on “The West Wing,” but her real passion comes from writing math books for middle and high school kids. She followed up bestselling “Math Doesn’t Suck” with “Kiss My Math,” which is designed for kids to see it isn’t uncool to have fun with math.

Then: “She let us be kids. I bet most of her kids ended up being some of the most normal and happiest adults.”