At Czech distrib Artcam, an 8-year-old shingle that has won critical praise as one of the country’s leading distribs of arthouse pics from abroad, it’s all about educating auds, says the company’s Premysl Martinek.

“The Czech market is still very complicated,” he explains. “People love Czech films, people love family films, but there is just a small number of arthouse film fans. We need to draw their attention and find the way to get them to cinemas during the first two weeks of release, because otherwise we will not be able to have good programming in cineplexes.”

Artcam, looking to up its local releases per year to 12 from the current six to eight, often works with the backing of pubcaster Czech TV, which airs its portfolio on arts channel CT2. And, says Martinek, Artcam believes in adding buzz by connecting filmmakers and viewers.

Its pending release of Cannes entry “Blind Loves” will both fund programs for the blind and provide commentary for blind filmgoers, for example.

“We would like to offer films that do not have such a strong commercial potential but represent the current state of auteur cinema. We also would like Czech spectators to know award-winning titles from different film festivals,” says Martinek.

Artcam also has its sights on Czech film “Sister” this fall, and it is angling for the rights to Jan Nemec’s “Girl Ferrari Dino.”