No laughing matter

Craig Ferguson hosts Simon Wiesenthal fund-raiser

Tuesday’s Simon Wiesenthal Center fund-raiser centered on subjects as serious as they come: the Holocaust, terrorism and anti-Semitism.Emcee Craig Ferguson‘s job was to bring some light humor to the proceedings. He said, “This is inherently not a funny situation,” which got a pretty good laugh.

The dinner that raised a record $2 million honored Sony Pictures co-topper Amy Pascal with its Humanitarian Award and the former archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, French priest Patrick Desbois and former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid with its Medals of Valor.

Pascal was intro’d by Sony topper Howard Stringer, who described her as “part Lucille Ball, part Audrey Hepburn with just a dash of Dawn Steel … she’s funny, smart, original, tough and passionate.”

Will Smith presented the award to Pascal, who said she supports the org because “I believe in what the museum is committed to: not just the literal event of the Holocaust but not letting anything like that happen again.”