No Country for Old Men

Challenge: Give Javier Bardem a nightmarish silhouette

In his novel “No Country for Old Men,” Cormac McCarthy makes little mention of his cold-blooded hitman’s physical appearance. The Coen brothers, however, have captured a chilling vision of Anton Chigurh, aided by a pageboy haircut sure to make the shortlist of Hollywood’s most memorable ‘dos.

For inspiration, hairstylist Paul LeBlanc turned to old prison photographs and, further back, to the days of the Crusades. “He was a warrior,” LeBlanc says. “And that was a time when there were a lot of people like him that were dangerous and treacherous.”

The Coens and LeBlanc wanted something that evoked his villainy and appeared “undone.” As for Javier Bardem, LeBlanc says he wasn’t a fan. “Whenever he was finished working he would brush it back,” LeBlanc says. “But he said half the character was the hair.”