NBC Universal Digital Studio has put together its first slate of original productions and is shopping them to sponsors in order to line up brand integration.

NBC U arm has partnered with digital finance and production firm 60Frames on the slate, which includes projects from Tom Fontana, Scott Z. Burns and John August. The first skeins are expected to be distributed early next year online and via video-on-demand.

Cameron Death, veepee of NBC U Digital Studio, said he and 60Frames topper Brent Weinstein decided to partner up “over a Cobb salad” after discovering they shared a remarkably similar view on digital programming. Some of the initial skeins were first developed by NBC U and the others by 60Frames. All are in what Death described as “nascent stages.”

The idea, both said, is to approach sponsors early enough in the process so that they can organically integrate sponsors. Once they line up sponsors, Weinstein said, they can adjust the timetable accordingly, either delaying it or moving it up.

“That’s the beauty of digital,” Death said. “You don’t have to fit into a traditional rhythm.”

The initial slate includes the following:

n “Loving Larry,” about a determined group of twentysomething misfits who create a fake “Bachelor”-style reality show

n “Love at First Sight & Other Dangers,” vignettes about modern love created by Burns, co-scripter of “The Bourne Ultimatum”

n “Mr. Miss Teen U.S.A.,” about an inexperienced 18-year-old who enters the pageant after winning a sex discrimination suit, only to discover that scoring with the ladies won’t be as easy as he thought

n “Four Corners,” in which four teams race to the center of the U.S., competing in challenges and deciphering clues

n “True Story,” a docu about eccentrics.

n Fontana’s “Men With Guns: The Assassins,” which revolves around a virtuous assassin

n August’s skein “The Remnants,” a quirky comedy revolving around friends who search for answers after they realize they are some of the last living inhabitants of Los Angeles.