THE DEALMAKER: For as long as people have come to watch movies, there have been those who have tried to make money on them.

That’s where Michael (Mickey) Mayerson comes in.

A managing partner with Loeb & Loeb, Mayerson is one of the top film finance attorneys in the country and helps those who want to have a monetary stake in the motion picture business.

“There hasn’t been a time when money didn’t flow into the entertainment industry; (the only variable is) the pace at which the money has flowed,” Mayerson says. “We’re not seeing the volume of deals we once did but we are remaining incredibly busy. There’s always going to be capital that finds its way into Hollywood.”

Coming out of law school as a tax attorney in 1981, Mayerson shifted to being an entertainment transaction lawyer in 1986 because of the firm’s need. It turned out to be a shrewd career move.

His current clients include Marvel, which has had a marvelous summer with “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk.”

“I’ve been able to watch them from the very beginning,” Mayerson says. “I’ve seen the value of their assets rise, and capture assets on their own. … I’m certainly rooting for my clients, although it’s a distant rooting. I like to check and see what’s going on.”

KEY DEALS: Most recently helped finance Ed Zwick’s Holocaust drama “Defiance.”

DEALMAKER DOS: “Listen to the other side. The best lawyers are the people who listen to what the other side needs and what they’re seeking to do.”

DEALMAKER DON’TS: “Never involve your ego in a transaction. There are way too many who make it about themselves, and assert themselves in a transaction.”

TOP DEALMAKERS ENCOUNTERED: “Bill Bernstein, who retired from Paramount a few years ago. He was the dean of business affairs at the studio level, and the smartest man in the room.”