Writer-director Luke Greenfield has lined up a pair of projects at the nets, including laffers at ABC and Fox.

Projects both come from ABC Studios, where Greenfield — who helmed the feature “The Girl Next Door” — is in the midst of an overall deal.

At the Alphabet net, Greenfield is behind “My Mom Is Hot,” which is loosely based on his relationship with his own mother, Beth Greenfield.

The half-hour single-camera laffer centers on a man whose newly divorced mother re-enters the dating scene.

“It’s about what happens when your mom stops being your mom and becomes your closest single buddy, hanging with your friends and crushing it on Match.com,” Greenfield said. “I knew we had a unique TV show when I was driving around with my mom in the car and I told her, ‘Mom, I swear to God, I’ll have sex with anything right now,’ and she said, ‘Me too.’ ”

Greenfield is set to direct the project, while Duncan Birmingham (“Swingles”) is writing. Greenfield and Marsh McCall also will exec produce — along with Beth Greenfield.

The other project, “Broke Friends,” came to Fox after a competitive bidding situation with NBC. Patrick Walsh and Sonny Lee (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) are writing, while Greenfield will direct and exec produce.

“Broke Friends” centers on an innocent Midwestern kid who relocates to New York, where he moves in with two scam artists.

“It’s an ensemble comedy about which road you take in life — the long, hard-working grind to the top, or the hedonistic joyride at the bottom.”

Greenfield’s other credits include directing the critically acclaimed pilot “Aliens in America” for the CW. He’s also developing the feature “The Last Bachelor” with Taylor Hamra and Jesse Sweet.