Lucasfilm hires Richard Kerris

Visual effects vet woked at Apple

Lucasfilm has tapped visual effects and software veteran Richard Kerris as its new chief technology officer.

Kerris comes from Apple and has a long resume in visual effects and software. “I’ve always been building technology and tools for this place, so it’s like coming home,” he told Daily Variety.

He said his main challenge is to help Lucasfilm find a way for film, games, television and new media to share digital assets. Lucasfilm is active in all those areas.

“Everybody in the industry has been talking about what’s the next big product. I’m here to build a pipeline that services all these different groups,” he said.

Kerris is an active member of film and TV engineer org the SMPTE and sits on the Visual Effects Society Technology Advisory board. He has had senior management positions at Electric Image and Silicon Graphics.

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He held numerous positions at Apple, including managing technical marketing strategies for professional software applications such as Final Cut Pro and Shake.