A lifelong movie lover with roots in the industry, Justin Alvarado-Brown claims to lack creative talent, but he found his way to Hollywood just the same — via UC Berkeley and Harvard Law.

Starting in business affairs at MGM in 2001 under the tutelage of Danny Rosett, now chief operating officer at Overture Films,

Alvarado-Brown moved on to HBO before his former boss recruited him to be senior VP of business and legal affairs at Overture.

There, Alvarado-Brown has not only built his department from scratch, he’s also helped broker innovative deals for the startup’s slate of original and acquired pics, including the Don Cheadle starrer “Traitor” and “Henry Poole Is Here.”

“For me,” Alvarado-Brown says, “the appeal is being able to get into the deal’s early stages, when there are problems and issues, and trying to come up with answers that make sense — to think outside the box. It’s hard to do that when you’re just a lawyer.”

DANNY ROSETT: “He’s (part of) the new generation of business affairs execs. I sought him out because he has the skills and temperament to work quickly and be creative yet remain keenly focused on closing deals. He’s a young whippersnapper and a good guy. I am hugely happy with him.”