Like many independent distributors in Eastern Europe, Jakub Duszynski, head of acquisitions at Warsaw’s Gutek Film, works mostly with European indie and arthouse fare.

In a country where local romantic comedies and big American blockbusters are box office kings, Jakub’s aim is to find strong, challenging and original films with a clear directorial imprint.

“Gutek Film mostly releases director-driven films. That’s easy when you get a new Almodovar, Lynch, von Trier or Jarmusch, but when the competition is faster or risks more, you have to challenge yourself and your audience and pick up films you believe in, even though no one has heard of them in Poland,” Duszynski says.

Although his ideal pickup is “two or three bigger arthouse films with potential to attract between 100,000 and 200,000 admissions, plus four or five midrange arthouse titles good for up to 50,000 — such as this year’s ‘Control,’ ‘Once’ and ‘Caramel,'” there is nothing rigid in his approach to business.

Recent hits for Duszynski — who also has his own boutique distribution company that “releases, for sheer fun, many Asian gems on DVD” — include “Perfume” with 500,000 admissions and “Volver” at 265,000.

With Poland’s own indie cinema on the move, Duszynski’s fall slate has added three local arthouse films, including “4 Nights With Anna,” from Jerzy Skolimowski.