ICM has put Greg Lipstone solely in charge of its international TV and media division.

As a result, vet agent Steve Wohl, who had previously served as co-head (alongside Lipstone), has departed the tenpercentery.

Decision to hand Lipstone more responsibilities comes as ICM continues to expand the international TV/media unit, bringing aboard two new agents, Steven Grossman and Dana-Lee Schuman, for a total of eight under Lipstone.

ICM launched the international TV and media division last year not only to focus on alternative fare (such as reality formats and firstrun syndie skeins) but also to bring in international formats, transform international suppliers into U.S.-based producers and adapt new-media properties for TV.

“We’ve been growing it and looking to continue that growth curve,” said ICM prexy Chris Silbermann. “What Greg brings to it are these deep relationships with the BBC and Granada and all of these international companies. Some of that programming is reality, like ‘Dancing With the Stars’ or ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ and some of it is scripted.”

Lipstone’s team reps international and domestic companies such as BBC Worldwide Prods., Granada America, LMNO Prods., 12 Yard Prods., All 3 Media and Lighthearted Entertainment. Besides “Dancing” and “Kitchen,” agency packages in the division include “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “The Tyra Banks Show.”

Lipstone, who joined ICM in 2005 after more than 20 years at William Morris, reports to Ted Chervin, head of worldwide TV. London-based Pippa Lambert continues to oversee ICM’s European activities.

“Greg is that rare breed who’s not only a phenomenal agent,” Silbermann said, “he’s also a good manager of people and understands how to run a department.”

Wohl had spent over two decades at ICM, joining in 1987. Prior to being named co-head of international TV and media in 2007, he served as senior VP at the agency.