HOLLYWOOD — The Governors Ball decor seemed to be channeling the mood of one of the night’s big winners. Elegant and glamorous in a retro-“Mad Men” way, the Convention Center hall was completely transformed — with twinkly lights, chandeliers and crystal motifs floating against black backdrops everywhere the eye wandered.

Most folks picked up a champagne flute for the short walk from the Nokia to the party, where they could finally stretch their legs and grab a bite to eat.

Once inside, the menu, which featured roasted New York strip steak and balsamic-glazed BBQ prawns, and the ambiance earned far better reviews from the crowds at hundreds of tables than did the Emmycast itself.

And as always, there were hives of people buzzing around the folks who toted statuettes. “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner beamed as he juggled his two trophies and tried to shake as many outstretched hands as he could before he and the Sterling Cooper gang moved on to the rest of their night.