THE DEALMAKERS: As a high-powered entertainment attorney at Loeb & Loeb, Craig Emanuel reps writers, directors, actors and producers in a range of transactions, including structuring independent films for both talent and producer clients. Emanuel’s diverse roster ranges from Tony Gilroy, Robert Rodriguez, Ricky Gervais and Ryan Murphy to Stephan Elliott and Julie Delpy, to producers like Mark Ordesky, William Horberg, Anthony Bregman and Don Murphy. Emanuel also reps the two guys behind this summer’s YouTube phenomenon “Christian the Lion,” as self-generated content starts to prove fertile ground for the movies.

Gilroy, who wrote the “Bourne” trilogy and “Proof of Life,” made the leap to helming “Michael Clayton,” which he also wrote, in 2007. “Duplicity” will be the second pic he’s helmed — a transition that Emanuel says seems to be a trend among his clients. Indeed, Murphy, Delpy and Gervais are doing it, too, and it’s something he thoroughly enjoys.

“It’s been an interesting time watching them make the leap,” he says. “When you find a great writer-director, there’s nothing better — it makes for a smooth and seamless integration on the screen.”

KEY DEALS: Advised several director clients on new movies, including Gabriele Muccino (“7 Pounds”), Alex Proyas (“Knowing”), Tony Gilroy (“Duplicity”), Robert Rodriquez (“Shorts”) and Peter Chelsom (“The Hannah Montana Movie”). Currently reps Cornelia Funke as producer in the upcoming film “Inkheart.”

DEALMAKER DOS: Do make sure there’s specific language in an actor contract about digitized rights. “If I’m representing a high-end actor, I don’t want studios to be able to digitize their likeness or voice.”

DEALMAKER DON’TS: Don’t be a jerk. “We have a responsibility as lawyers to prolong the longevity of this business. Just because you have all the leverage in the world, you don’t have to squeeze every ounce of flesh.”

TOP DEALMAKERS ENCOUNTERED: Outside his practice: lawyers Tom Hansen, Craig Jacobson, Sam Fischer, David Nochimson. “I’m always happy to sit on the other side of the table from them.”