14 (Lope de Vega) (Antena 3/El Toro/Ikiru/Conspiracao)

Spain/Brazil co-production on the great Spanish poet and playwright. Pre-production. El Toro/Conspiracao.

31 MINUTES, THE MOVIE (Aplaplac/Total)

An evil exotic-animal collector hires Uncle Baldy to capture the last of a species. Brazil/Chile animation. Opened in March in Chile. Vereda.

ADRIFT (02/Universal)

Family drama starring Vincent Cassel and Camilla Belle. First pic from helmer Fernando Meirelles’ O2 Filmes deal with Universal. Post. Universal.

AMAZONIA CARUANA (Scena/Lereby/Globo Filmes)

True story of Zeneida Lima, a shaman with reputed healing powers from the local Marajo Island. Tizuka Yamasaki directs. Shooting.

BEETLE (Mixer/Buenavista/Globo Filmes)

True story of Besouro, famous 1920s capoeira master. Huan-Chiu Ku (“Kill Bill”) serves as martial arts coordinator. Shooting. Stuart Manashil (CAA).

BIRDWATCHERS (Classic/RaiCinema/Karta/Gullane)

Rich fazendeiros and native kaiwoas face off for land in Brazil, directed by Marco Bechis. Venice 2008 premiere and competition. Celluloid Dreams.

BLINDNESS (02/Rhombus/Bee Vine)

Based on Jose Saramago’s novel, Oscar nominee Fernando Meirelles’ English-language feature opened Cannes 2008. Focus.

BROW (Gullane/Casa Redonda/Warner)

Following critically acclaimed “Chega de Saudade,” Lais Bodanzky will direct this coming-of-age pic. Pre-production.


Biopic of Brazil’s main Kardecist religious leader. Marcos Bernstein writes the script. Vet Daniel Filho directs. Lensing in April.

CRITICO (Cinemascopio/FiGa)

A documentary about filmgoing/making. Completed. FiGa.


Four stories set in Sao Paulo. Fernando Meirelles’ partner Paulo Morelli wrote the script and will direct. Pre-production. William Morris.

DESTINY (Diler/Nhock/Beijing Rosat)

Two-part Brazil/China saga featuring Lucelia Santos, a Brazilian actress popular in China. Post.

DIRTY HEARTS Mixer/Columbia/Globo Filmes)

In 1945, part of the large Japanese community in Brazil does not accept Japan’s defeat in WWII. Vicente Amorim directs. Stuart Manashil (CAA).

DIVAN (Total/Downtown/Globo Films)

Middle-aged woman reassesses her life. Comedy with high B.O. potential. Bows in March.

EMBODIMENT OF EVIL (Gullane/Olhos de Cao/Fox)

Comeback feature from Brazilian horror master helmer Jose Mojica Marins, starring as Ze do Caixao (Coffin Joe). Cult. Released in August.


Poor immigrant makes his way up in life, and then in prison, by cooking. Charming indie pic acclaimed by critics. Released in April. Elle Driver.


Esmir Filho’s debut pic about a youngster’s Web universe. Post. Warner.


Rising-star helmer Karim Ainouz directs this movie about the love affair of a Brazilian dancer and an American man in Tokyo. Potential international co-production. Lensing 2010.

LAST STOP 174 (Moonshot/Movi&Art/Mact/

Paramount/Globo Filmes/Canal Plus)

True story of a Rio bus hijacker. Oscar nominee Bruno Barreto directs. Opens October with high B.O. prospects, international potential. Myriad.

LINHA DE PASSE (VideoFilmes)

Four brothers from a poor family follow their dreams. Cannes 2008 actress prize for Sandra Corveloni. Oscar nominee/Golden Bear winner Walter Salles directs. Opened this month. Pathe.


Oscar nominee Fernando Meirelles’ feature about a Brazilian who moves to NYC to study Shakespeare. Jorge Furtado scripts. Likely to be an international co-production. Pre-production.

LULA, THE SON OF BRAZIL (LC Barreto/Filmes do Equador/Intervideo)

Biopic of Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, from his impoverished childhood to 1980. Shooting in January.


Comedy with folk character Pedro Malasartes. Paulo Morelli wrote the script and is likely to direct. Pre-production. William Morris.

MARCH OF THE LIVING (FilmLand/Conspiracao)

Jessica Sanders’ English-language doc looks at a silent march from Auschwitz to Birkenau in remembrance of the Holocaust. FilmLand.

MY NAME AIN’T JOHNNY (Atitude Prods.)

True story of a Rio upper-class young man who becomes an international drug dealer. The highest Brazilian B.O. thus far this year. Released in January. Vereda.

THE MYSTERY OF SAMBA (Conspiracao/Phonomotor)

Buena Vista Social Club-type doc researches the roots of samba in Rio. Conspiracao.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN RIO (Conspiracao/Sony/Globo Filmes /Lereby)

Two youngsters cross the limits of a social apartheid in Rio. A personal pic from helmer Breno Silveira, following his B.O. hit “2 Sons of Francisco.” Released in July. Vereda.


Marcelo Gomes’ follow-up to acclaimed “Movies, Aspirin and Vultures.” Possible international co-prod. Pre-production.

OUT OF TUNE (Tambellini)

Group of friends form a bossa nova band in 1962. With Rodrigo Santoro. Opened in August.

PLASTIC CITY (Gullane/Xstream)

Chinese gang controls pirated goods trade in Sao Paulo, but its empire is in danger. Brazil/China/ Japan co-production with international potential. Nelson Yu Lik-wai directs. Venice premiere and competition. Celluloid Dreams.

PLAYER (Gullane)

Walter Carvalho’s film depicts the rich universe of the Pernambuco state’s music and street artists. Starring Antonio Nobrega. Pre-production.

SALVE GERAL (Toscana/Sony/Downtown/Globo Filmes)

During a massive prison riot in Sao Paulo in 2006, a mother struggles to save her inmate son. Lensing in November.


Telenovela star Gloria Pires as a heavy-smoking guitarist seeking a relationship. Anna Muylaert directs. Post.

VIPS (02/Universal)

True story of a man who pretended to be an airline president in Brazil. Second pic of O2 Filmes’ deal with Universal. Oscar nominee Braulio Mantovani wrote the script. Pre-production. Universal

XINGU (02/Universal)

Following the successful “The Year My Parents Went on Vacation,” Cao Hamburger directs this pic set in Indian reservation Xingu. Third pic of O2 Filmes deal with Universal. Pre-prod. Universal.