Al Jazeera scores U.S. deal for show

'Witness' to be carried on Link TV

Al Jazeera English, the news network still seeking national carriage, has scored a deal for one of its shows to be available in more than 30 million U.S. households.

“Witness,” AJE’s Emmy-nommed world affairs program, will be carried on Link TV, a channel dedicated to global perspectives on news, events and culture, according to a joint announcement Wednesday from both the net and the channel.

Link TV is carried by cablers in New York, L.A. and San Francisco and by satellite providers DirecTV and Dish Network.

“Witness” is a 30-minute docu format that generally focuses on ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. It was recently nominated for an international news Emmy.

AJE is part of Arabic-broadcaster Al Jazeera, which has drawn criticism from U.S. officials for anti-American bias. Link TV hopes to dispel that criticism.

The show will air weekly on Link TV beginning Oct. 6.