ABC has pacted with “Project Greenlight” exec producer Sean Bailey to develop the put pilot “The Unlimited,” with a hefty $500,000 commitment.

Bailey wrote the spec script, which wound up at the Alphabet net after heavy interest from rival nets. ABC Studios will produce.

“The Unlimited” centers on a Texas basketball coach who discovers that his recently deceased father was actually one of the world’s most brilliant minds. Not only wasn’t he told of his dad’s powers, but hethen finds out that he’s inherited the genius.

“I’ve always admired superhero origin stories,” Bailey said. “This is something like that, only a little more grounded. It’s truly aspirational. Most people believe they’re meant for more, but there’s some bureaucracy or the man keeping them down. What if your whole life was kept from you?”

Bailey runs Idealogy, the company he launched last year after Live Planet — his partnership with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Chris Moore — got out of the film and TV biz. Live Planet continues, but just as a smaller new media operation.

Under its first-look film deal at Disney, Idealogy’s slate includes “Tr2n,” which is about to start production with helmer Joe Kosinski; “Liberty,” which Bailey wrote; as well as “Sabbatical” and “Hexum.”

Bailey’s credits include ABC’s “Push, Nevada,” which he co-created and exec produced, and the MSN entertainment online project “Fan Club.” He also produced “Gone Baby Gone” with Affleck, “Matchstick Men” with Ridley Scott and co-wrote “Solace.”

Separately, Alphabet net is expected to open its portion of the TV Critics Assn. press tour todaywith fall premiere dates. Network will also showcase new skein “Life on Mars,” which has just added Jonathan Murphy to its cast.

Murphy will star opposite Jason O’Mara and Michael Imperioli as Detective Chris Skelton, a new detective in the department.